You'll skip breakfast to go ride your MRX.

The Fischer MRX may be gorgeous, but it's no high-maintenance Prima Donna. The MRX was designed from the very beginning to be a rider's motorcycle, one that can log hard miles because it's comfortable, easy to ride, and solidly put together.

When you walk up to the MRX, you'll be awed by the beautiful lines. Climbing aboard you'll appreciate the comfortable seat and riding position, and the high-tech rider communications pod, with the large, backlit tachometer, the cool light tracers that follow the tach needle, the digital speedometer, multiple temperature gauges for coolant and oil, and the fuel level gauge. Built in lap, zero to 60, zero to 100, and 1/4 mile timers make this a fun track bike, too.

What's it like To ride?

The engine fires to life willingly, and within a minute it's choke 'off' and ready to roll. As you pull away you'll notice just how easy it is to ride a torquey V-twin around town- the MRX pulls from anywhere in the rev range. The confidence-inspiring light weight and low chassis make for a fun ride. From 3,000 to 10,000 RPM, the MRX has power on demand. The MRX has plenty of torque and horsepower, but not so much you can't really twist the throttle to the stop. Everyone agrees: a 650 V-twin is a perfect balance of power and ride-ability.

In the curves the MRX shines again. The mass is set so low and centralized that it seems as though the bike can read your mind- it turns in that willingly. And when leaned over it is just plain stable; the multi-adjustable inverted forks and Ohlins rear shock soaking up any bumps. The MRX has zero tendency to stand up under braking when leaned over, inspiring greater confidence than any bike you've ridden- it's really that good. The chassis was derived from the Harley Davidson VR1000 Superbike. As developed by Championship-winning road racers Miguel Duhamel, Scott Russell, and Doug Chandler, the VR1000 Superbike was considered perhaps the best chassis package in all of motorcycle racing, derived as it was from the GP bikes of the era. You can feel that legacy on the MRX. While the rear shock is a well-sorted Ohlins unit and the compliant inverted front forks with compression and rebound adjustments really let you enjoy the GP-like chassis geometry.

The MRX is solidly built, light weight, with a great chassis and suspension, and a smooth, powerful motor, all in a beautiful, exotic package at a great price. That's the MRX- The American Exotic.

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