Fischer MRX Track 1
The MRX: Turn heads with comfort and reliability on the road, maximum performance on the track, you'll love your MRX- The American Exotic.

There is racing in our blood, and in the DNA of the MRX: The MRX chassis is based on our original MR1000 prototype which was an evolved version of the renowned Harley Davidson VR1000 chassis, as it was developed by Harley's road racing arm Gemini Technologies and champion racers Miguel Duhamel, Fritz Kling, Scott Zampach, and Doug Chandler. The roots of the production "M" chassis go back beyond the VR to the designers of the Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix bikes which were raced and developed by Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey and other superstars.

Ultimately what we have developed is the world's first one-piece cast motorcycle frame, a twin spar design with a trellis substructure. With a proven geometry in the platform, riders are now proving it works with fast lap times. Applying current leading edge chassis dynamics to the established, world championship-winning geometry has resulted in the slightest bit of lateral flex engineered into the main frame below the massive ram-air steering head to give more feel and control of the front end which works with the increased traction offered by current stiff sidewall race tires. (The MRX comes with Bridgestone rubber, winners of the last 3 MotoGP world championships with Casey Stoner for Ducati and the great Valentino Rossi for Yamaha) Similarly, the swingarm has the slightest bit of engineered flex in a specific region to give you improved traction (don't forget to weight your outside peg!) The unique swingarm pivot bearing design manages the side loads to get the most from the standard Ohlins suspension while at lean. The MRX handles very well: Light on its feet yet extremely stable, with zero tendency to wander, go straight or stand up under braking. And wait 'till you try the brakes!

Fischer MRX Track
No product available today offers you this level of premium components for this price. In the price range where the MRX resides, you will find that nothing comes close to the components offered on the MRX, from standard Brembo brake components to the standard Ohlins shock, and billet Superbike-standard components throughout, the MRX is a racebike with lights (and a comfortable sport tourer with a genuine American cowhide seat and some nice creature comforts).

Another core pair of pair of design principles was simplicity and reliability. The engineers, designers, and suppliers of the MRX come from around the engineering world, with Airbus airplanes, Caterpillar tractors, Cummins Diesels, Porsche, Ford, and Ferrari among their resumes. The MRX must be reliable and easy to work on for us to be accepted as a manufacturer and we believe you will find those goals are met with the production bike. Racers will especially appreciate many of the little things that make the MRX more friendly at the track: Easy to remove tail light/turn signal assembly, adjustable footpegs, and now the MRX even comes standard with real Woodcraft-licensed adjustable clip-on handlebars. Machined from 7075 billet aluminum, the trademark Woodcraft clip-ons are the world's only trademarked two-piece design, so a racer can almost immediately adjust the handlebars from the standard comfortable position above the triple clamp to a lower, more racer-typical crouch, also facilitating ride height adjustments. The standard Swedish Ohlins rear shock also has adjustable preload and rebound dampening to fine tune the MRX to your specific riding style.

From the factory, the $7995 MRX gives the twins class racer an edge.

At Fischer Motor Company, racing is a driving force behind our efforts. We are a small company, but racing is our background and our passion. We aren't to the point yet of having a factory effort, but we will support racers who take the Fischer MRX to compete against other twins class products from the Japanese manufacturers. Beginning in 2010 we will be supporting efforts in CCS and WERA regional and national rounds throughout the United States. To be considered for sponsorship opportunities, please contact us via email at

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